Display Dynamics: Exploring Screen Size and Features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

According to rumors, according to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a dual punch hole design, and it will also be less bulky. It will also reportedly use titanium rather than stainless steel.

Titanium is stronger and lighter than stainless steel. As such, this new material should make new iPhones appear lighter and more comfortable to carry. Additionally, the phone is expected to feature USB-C for faster charging.

Gesture Controls

There’s a myriad of ways to use your iPhone. Apple provides a variety of pre-built gestures, and there are third-party applications available to download for even more functions.

In this case, you could use a two-finger swipe to increase the screen size or move your fingers closer together to zoom out. It is also possible to access notifications by moving down from the top of the screen as well as switch to a landscape or portrait view by using a swipe of two fingers to either side of the camera edge.

In addition to multifinger gestures, the latest iPhones provide Reachability and additional options that let you control your phone with one hand. To design a custom gesture, simply tap AssistiveTouch and then adjust your settings by tapping Custom. As the blue dots appear in the screen, simply touch and drag them around to create your customized swipe or grab gesture. You then can identify the gesture, and apply it in the future.

Screen Size

It appears that the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max each have 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays respectively, and they appear to will remain the same for the next iPhone 15 series. An CAD rendering by 9to5Mac Based on specs sent to case makers shows that there are four iPhone 15 models with the same display sizes, including two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7-inch variants.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to believe that the iPhone 15 Pro won’t get an upgrade. According to tipter ShrimpApplePro along with fellow tipster OreXda that the latest iPhone 15 Pro will still feature a Dynamic Island which is an on-demand feature that includes it will also have a True Tone display, a 2048 x 3096 resolution. 120Hz refresh speed, and support for HDR content.

Additionally, the Pro-exclusive design is likely to open way for a dual-punch design that will accommodate notifications, in-app information, and more. But these aren’t the only changes coming to the iPhone 15. It’s also rumored that standard iPhone 15 phones will finally have high-refresh rate LTPO displays, something that midrange Android rivals already offer.

Body Materials

The Pro models in Apple’s iPhone line have been rimmed with stainless steel which gives them strength but is also heavy. Apple expects to switch the steel with titanium later this year as it is more lightweight and durable.

This should make it possible for theĀ ip 15 pro max feel far more comfortable in your hand and also be less prone to smudges from fingerprints. It’s not clear why Apple makes this shift however they do have been known for a long time to push limits with their design and it would be surprising if they stuck with the similar stainless steel frame used for the regular iPhone 14 series.

The Twitter leaker ShrimpApplePro has a solid reputation and is claiming that the latest iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will have an ultra-premium titanium body. This will also help to reduce the weight of their aluminium or stainless steel equivalents. CAD renders have shown the phones to have slimmer bezels and displays.


If you’ve used an iPhone for the past several years, then you may have noticed its battery life is a little underwhelming. This is a significant factor to consider upgrading your phone, especially as competing smartphones with bigger batteries are being made available.

According to a new report, Apple will provide its next iPhone 15 and Pro series smartphones much bigger batteries. It is reported by the Chinese IT Home magazine IT Home cites an anonymous Foxconn source, and claims that Apple’s iPhone 15 and Pro models are expected to have 18 percent more capacity.

The battery’s size should be supported by higher chips’ efficiency. This will additionally help to reduce the amount of power consumed. The TSMC-manufactured Bionic chip uses a smaller 3nm silicon process. This represents a 35% improvement over the older 4nm silicon that is used in the A16 chip.

Some rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 getting USB-C, as well as Thunderbolt 3. This could speed up data transfer, and will also reduce the time between charges.